3D FabDesign

In our fun and challenging 3D FabDesign program, our students will tackle a wide range of disciplines from individual fine motor skills to the corporate constructing of an architectural form. Students will first learn to sketch and communicate in a visual language.  As we progress our fabricators will learn about the wonderful world of tools and building materials. Wood, hardware, PVC, plaster, paint, textiles and more will be incorporated in the curriculum. Rudimentary building principles will be introduced which includes safety, measurement (math), scale
, form and function, along with many other industry standards.

In the TM Mansfield learning environment, we consider the student as the work of art in progress. Our emphasis is on discovering the students unique gifting while giving them the opportunity to explore the world of fabrication and design. The tech-savvy designer or engineer has a far better under-standing of any given process if they have hands-on know how. Becoming a proficient fabricator builds confidence while giving the individual freedom and the capacity to visualize and execute complex designs.

For information about the program call (619) 300-0676
or email  [email protected]


Royal Arts &
Theater Adventure
After-School Camp

In 2018 the TM Mansfield Team has formed a 501c3 nonprofit corporation called...

TM Mansfield Educational Adventures Inc. (DBA - TMMEA)
Our after-school Royal Arts & Theater Adventure works in concert with our
Virtus Knight School school presentation (see our Virtus Knight School page).
The students will expand their creative sensibilities in our 3-D Design art curriculum while developing real-world skills. Problem-solving, citizenship
and personal responsibility are vital elements that are woven into this
powerful and fun experience.